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About my Free Monthly Tattoo Coverup Giveaway

*Please read the full page through!*

I will be offering one full day per month for a free coverup of any unwanted gang tattoos - we need to get unified against the system that has created the necessity for both micro and macro community defense!  This also counts for pimp branding tattoos that you, your aunties, or cousins might need to cover up in order to move past an abusive situation.  Serious applicants please be honestly able to physically sit through multiple hours of tattoo procedure pain!  Also, please accept that any coverup will have to be larger than the original tattoo.


I will be choosing pieces semi-lottery style, alongside making sure that I know that I would personally be able to do a solid, great coverup for you.

To apply, make sure to include a picture of the current tattoo that you need covered & its placement and size, as well as the subject of what you are hoping to cover it with as well as photos of any tattoo/drawing references.  Serious submissions only please feel free to apply

I really appreciate all of your serious submissions and PLEASE don't take it personally if your piece is not chosen, I am hoping to be able to offer more days like this per month for free once I have more capacity.  Free coverup winners will be notified via email in which we will set up a virtual consultation to discuss further details!

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