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What is Co-Op Collective?



@Co.Op.Collective is a collaboration of creatives opposing oppressive politics. Each auction, artists come together to raise funds for their chosen racial justice nonprofits or mutual aid organizations.  By auctioning donated work on our Instagram platform, 100% of the proceeds by the highest bidder will go straight to the chosen nonprofit.  Artists get to highlight the work that their chosen nonprofit/mutual aid organization does, speak on why their cause is important to them, and donate 100% of their artwork proceeds to promoting this work.  Absolutely no funds will go towards our Instagram platform.

We are fed up with the current state of the world. It’s up to us to raise our voices for change, and we believe that art is our strongest tool. We look forward to working with you - sharing art, collaborating for change and crushing the oppression that's poisoning our community.


All submissions in the medium of healing are accepted. No work is too big or too small; video/virtual auction items work as well. This platform welcomes artists of all mediums - professional artists and those who have never sold a piece before. We are creating a place to share our art and use it to support the battle for racial equality and societal reform. 


Every auction will come to a close on Sunday evening at 11:59pm.  Starting bids will be set by the artist, as well as projected shipping costs to the auction winner.  At 12am, we will determine the highest bidder and notify them.  Once the highest bidder has sent the donation receipt from the artist’s chosen nonprofit and we have received said receipt, we will confirm with the artist to arrange shipping of the art piece.  Shipping payments will be made directly from auction winner to the participating artist and once proof-of-shipping receipts are received, the art piece will be shipped.  All of this will be held on @Co.Op.Collective at


For submissions, please send an email to with a short description of the piece or pieces you're submitting (include medium, size and starting bid price), city location to look into projected shipping costs that will go directly to the artist, a description of the nonprofit (make sure to include the nonprofit’s name so we can confirm it’s status) and why it’s close to your heart, and a short artist’s bio.

Thank you for your interest in @Co.Op.Collective ! If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to us.

Co-Op founded by Kaelani Loo, Susan Stewart, Macie Burkett, & myself - social justice advocates & artists residing in the Bay Area.

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