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  1. Be well rested, hydrated, and have eaten a substantial meal before your tattoo session.

  2. Feel free to bring headphones, a book, or your phone if you prefer a quieter experience.

  3. Consider bringing a water bottle and snacks to maintain blood sugar levels, as they may drop during the tattoo.

  4. Shower beforehand to ensure cleanliness.

  5.  Do not be under the influence of drugs or medications on your appointment date, particularly those that thin your blood, such as alcohol or certain pain medications.

  6. Avoid being hungover.  Hydrate your body well to feel optimally healthy during this intensive procedure.

  7. You must have a clear idea of the size and placement of your tattoo before you come in for your first session.



2 days / 48 hours to cancel or reschedule or you will forfeit your deposit.

If you are 20 minutes late to your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your deposit.

These are the conditions which will cause you to lose your appointment and full deposit amount. Please practice good communication with me if your arrival does not go as planned. 

Setting up a session involves significant time and material investment. Short notice cancellations result in unpaid time as I can't fill the slot. My policies are firm, and I appreciate your respect and consideration.


Your generous tips are always highly appreciated to compensate for my years of experience and the hours of behind the scenes prep that go into preparing your session. Tattoo artists belong to the same service category as servers, barbers, nail technicians, etc. Also, tipping is good luck (:

Standard tipping practices across US service industries: 

  • 15% for "okay"

  • 20% for "good"

  • 25% for "great"


Where are you located?

My studio is currently in Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Is it possible to cover an old tattoo?  

Absolutely! Be advised that the cover up will have to be darker and significantly bigger than the original piece. This is to ensure a flawless result. If you're still unsure, feel free to submit a consultation request for a no-pressure, complimentary 15-minute video chat to discuss what we can do. 


What is your touch-up policy?

Your sessions comes with 1 free touch-up within the first four months of receiving your tattoo, provided you've diligently followed the aftercare instructions. Touch-ups aim to ensure your tattoo looks flawless after the healing process. Responsibility for proper tattoo care rests with you. If fading occurs due to sun exposure, touch-up costs will be your responsibility.

How much is it going to cost?

The cost of your tattoo is based on the amount of hours it takes to ink. Please see our pricing page for a comprehensive guide and picture examples of different sizes and prices. 

Are Tattoos Safe?

Absolutely, it's safe as long as you choose a reputable artist with proper training in tattooing. I stay current with annual bloodborne pathogen training, exclusively use disposable, one-time-use needles and tubes, and employ inks from top industry brands like Eternal, Dynamic, and Fusion. My methods adhere to strict sterile practices in line with health department guidelines from San Francisco County, Alameda County, and the City of Walnut Creek.

How does the tattoo process work and does getting a tattoo hurt?

Tattooing involves using a needle to deliver ink beneath the outer layer (epidermis) into the middle layer (dermis), which contains nerves and blood vessels. The process can be uncomfortable, particularly in sensitive areas like the stomach, ribs, feet, armpits, head, neck, and hands. Tattoo inks are composed of pigments derived from minerals and a carrier, resembling the consistency of watercolor paint. Also like watercolor paint, tattooing inks blend with your skin's pigment to create the final outcome.


What tattoo should I get and where?

If you're looking for design inspiration, check out my Pre-Designed pieces by clicking the button below. Look to Pinterest, social media, or someone you admire for tattoo placement inspiration. Visualize a spot on your body where an art piece would bring daily enjoyment. Consider drawing a shape with a washable marker, or applying a temporary tattoo, to get an idea of what the size and placement will be like. 

Some important reminders: 


  1. Tattoos on hands, neck, face, and other visible areas are unfortunately still discriminated against in many work places. Make sure your tattoo fits your lifestyle so you can enjoy it forever.

  2. Tattoos are forever, so be ready to commit before contacting me. Thank you!

If I am under 18, will you tattoo me with a parent's consent?

Sorry, no. California's Body Art and Safety code states that no person under the age of 18 may be tattooed legally, regardless of parental consent.

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