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Micah Hammac: An Artist of All Sorts

Our featured artist of the week!

Micah Hammac weaves art into all areas of his life … whether it be working to craft the perfect cappuccino, sharing a song, sculpting clay, designing a business logo, or mapping out a garden. There is a common aesthetic thread that has been pulled through his life as he explores Coffee, Creativity and Community. Sourcing from his education in ceramics and graphic design at Graceland University (Iowa), Permaculture Design Certification, and over 10 years in the coffee industry, Micah is constantly tending to a community of work that explores culture, healing, and how we interact in the world. Micah recently finished up his first self recorded album of original songs, and works creatively out of his home studio in Vallejo, CA under the name TreeBed Design.

Featured is one of Micah's designs, his Olive Oil Table Set that is open for purchase on his website at

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