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This Week's Featured Creative Mind: OtinaOtina!

OtinaOtina is an extremely talented deejay, producer, and singer. She has created "The Burban Bombox" - a musical empire designed to be a platform for South Asian music.

In Long Beach, California, Tina used to host and be creative director for Urban Desi Radio. Currently residing in the Bay Area, Tina is constantly working on solo projects as well as local, underground artists.

She currently has 3 volumes of a solid mixtape called "Basslines and Cultures," which blend a unique and pleasing mix of South Asian sounds with popular North American sounds, including many of Drake and The Weeknd's songs meshed with a techno-beat.

Tina's next show will be on April 29 in Milpitas, where she will be killin it in her deejay set:

You can listen to her amazing creations by copying and pasting this link to your browser, my personal favorite being "The Toronto Tape":

You can check out more of her work and follow her moves here:


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