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Creative Mind of the Week: Skye Schirmer

Skye Asta Devine Schirmer is a 24 year old artist and printmaker living in Oakland. She recently relocated from Boston to be an Artist in Residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley and will continue as an intern for them when her residency ends. In Boston Skye received her BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2013 and studied abroad at London Metropolitan University in 2012. Although Skye works mostly in the form of black and white etchings she does have plans for a number of sculptures alongside her current 2D series. Skye's work focuses on personal narratives and the relationships between men and women and women and women as witnessed through the use of social media and in real life. Her deeply saturated narratives reflect the growing instability of memory with time and how the current age uses technology to stay relevant. Art became a very important part of her life at a young age and her decision to attend art school clarified her need to create self directed work.

To look at more of her works, go to

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