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As I first walked into Vanitea, a hip-looking tea and snow lounge combined with a gorgeous gallery setting within San Jose, I was thoroughly impressed. The interior is beautifully crafted and set up in a way that guides you through a mix of beautiful paintings, drawings, photography, and DELICIOUS teas and foods.

Vanitea is the first in their community to break the milk-tea barrier of imported artificial powder mixtures to a healthier concept by using fresh ingredients, such as fresh California milk, natural sweeteners, and flavors from locally grown fruits and honey. I can attest that the taro milk tea I had was probably the best milk tea I have ever tasted, most likely due to their all-natural ingredients.

Vanitea's goal is to create a place where local artists have an opportunity to share their remarkable talent with those who admire art and artisanal tea in a comfortable modern lounge setting. They host a variety of different types of artworks - from street/graffitti style to beautifully crafted photography, to realistic style paintings. Vanitea is constantly showing new work from different artists around the Bay Area to expand and help individual artists within their community get their names out there.

If interested in showing any of your work in their gallery, contact:

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